How to Get Started with TextLess Live More

There are many ways to launch TextLess Live More at your school or within your community. Be creative! Remember: you have the power to change behavior behind-the-wheel. Our TextLess Live More Toolkit has everything you need to get started with TextLess Live More.

Download the TLLM Toolkit here: TextLess Live More Toolkit 2017

Here’s how to get started.

1. Select a TextLess Live More activation initiative. Here are some examples of successful TLLM activation initiatives.

  • Host a TextLess Live More Education Assembly at School or within your Community
  • Create a TextLess Live More Challenge Event or Social Event.
  • Introduce TLLM’s dual Call-to-Actions: Sign the Pledge to Never Text and Drive AND Practice Phone-free Living for an Hour, a Day, or even during Lunch
  • Establish a TLLM Phone-Free Zone at your School. For example in the establish a digital-free zone in the Lunchroom, Student Center or Gym
  • Send out a TLLM Monthly Email to remind People about the Dangers of Distracted Driving
  • Put up TLLM Pledge Sheets around your School or Community

2. Move into TLLM Action. Get the Word Out!

  • After you have settled on your ideal activation model, prepare how you are going to introduce TLLM to your school or community. 
  • Get the word out about TextLess Live More! Generate buzz and excitement. Use the resources provided in the toolkit or links below to create posters and newsletters.
  • Move into TLLM Action. Invite students, peers, parents, administrators and the local press to join the campaign and participate in the TLLM.
  • Enjoy making a difference. Remember: You have the power to Save Lives and make driving safe for everyone.

3. Available TextLess Live More Resources

4. Sample TextLess Live More Activation Event:  

Agenda for a TextLess Live More Assembly & Challenge Event

  • Make an announcement at the beginning of the assembly about the importance of TLLM’s mission to end distracted driving and save lives.
  • Show one of the TLLM PSA’s. Here’s a link: TextLess Live More PSAs
  • Pass out the TLLM Pledge and have students sign to NEVER text and drive. This is the most critical message of TextLess Live More.TextLess Live More Pledge Sheet
  • Distribute TLLM Phone Sticker and Blue Bracelet and encourage students to wear the blue bracelet to remember to LIVE MORE and never text, stream or engage in social media behind the wheel. Order Gear such as TLLM blue bracelets, phone stickers, bumper stickers and t-shirts here: Order TextLess Live More Gear Here!
  • Students turn off phones for an hour, a day, or the agreed-upon TLLM challenge time.
  • Students enjoy distracted-free engagement and interaction.

Students at Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Georgia sign the TLLM Pledge

High School Students TLLM Pledge













Students at St. Pauls School in Massachusetts wear the TLLM Blue Bracelet.

TextLess Live More

Students at Milton Academy in Massachusetts, Merritt’s alma mater, on a TLLM Day.  

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