• Seniors Rally for TLLM

    By TextLess Live More | Posted Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Glynn Academy Seniors Rally for TextLess Live More

Anna Cheshire Levitan speaks about Losing Merritt, Texting Less and Living More

Anna Cheshire Levitan was invited to speak to the Glynn Academy Class of 2018 high school seniors in Brunswick, Georgia about losing her daughter Merritt Levitan to a distracted driver on July 3, 2013, just weeks after Merritt’s high school graduation.

Cheshire Levitan explained the mission and genesis of TextLess Live More, a nationally-recognized awareness campaign to educate young people on the real dangers of distracted driving and save lives, and how losing her 18-year old daughter galvanized Merritt’s high school friends to take action.

“TextLess Live More was born of loss and is proof that young people such as you can make a positive difference in the lives  of others. Merritt’s friends at Milton Academy understood that digital distraction is real and can lead to tragic consequences. They founded TextLess Live More to examine their use of handheld devices with hopes to put into practice ‘Living More’ both literally and figuratively. Merritt was killed because of 4 seconds of texting.” said Cheshire Levitan.

TextLess Live More’s dual call-to-action is both literal and figurative in meaning: by not texting or being distracted behind-the-wheel, driving is safer for everyone, and by looking up from your handheld, you have the opportunity to ‘live more’ in real time and in the moment versus being distracted.

Sharing that the new Georgia’s Hand’s Free law goes into effect on July 1, 2018, almost five years to the day of when Merritt was hit and critically injured, Cheshire Levitan was direct in her plea for the Class of 2018 to keep eyes on the road ahead and not engage in any form of distraction while driving.

You don’t want to attend a funeral this summer for a sister, brother, cousin or friend due to distracted driving as Merritt’s family and friends did in 2013. As the Digital Generation, you have awesome opportunity and responsibility. Don’t ever be distracted behind-the-wheel – or to life, in general.”

Glynn Academy Seniors watched the TextLess Live More Video “Blue Chair” about Merritt Levitan’s life and legacy and then signed the TextLess Live More Pledge and received TLLM Blue Bracelets and Bumper Stickers.