• TLLM at SADD ’18

    By TextLess Live More | Posted Friday, June 29th, 2018

Students Speak About Ending Distracted Driving

Share Ideas on How To Raise Awareness About Dangers of Digital Distraction

TextLess Live More, a partner of Students Against Destructive Decisions, SADD, attended the 2018 SADD National Conference on Youth Health and Safety in Leesburg, Virginia on June 24 and 25. TextLess Live More participated in workshops, led panel discussions and met with SADD SPEAKs, Students for Policy, Education, Advocacy and Knowledge, who shared their experience and perspectives about the importance of the TextLess Live More dual call-to-action to end distracted driving by putting phones down and living in the moment.

The SADD Chapter at Lambert High School in Georgia presented TextLess Live More during the school’s annual ice cream social. During the event, SADD chapter members talked about the dangers of distracted driving and asked fellow students to take the pledge to never text and drive.

“Fatalities and crashes happen in our community because we have a phone addiction,” says Keshav, a rising senior at Lambert High School. “Phones are too much a part of our lives. We need to live more in the moment and enjoy times together like at an ice cream social.”

“Teens listen to one another,” adds Andy, a fellow SADD SPEAKs member from Lambert High, “We recognize that we are becoming more and more addicted to our phones and can’t put them down at dinner, at school and especially behind-the-wheel. That’s where the ‘Live More’ comes in as an important message.”

Andy and Keshav, SADD SPEAKs members from Lambert High School in Georgia

Karah, a SADD SPEAKs member from West Virginia, distributed information about the dangers of distracted driving at her school’s TextLess Live More event and addressed the issue of phone addiction.

“I didn’t realize I had a severe phone addiction until I learned about TextLess Live More. Phones are a much bigger addiction than people think. At our school we got the word out about distracted driving and gave people information that they didn’t have to bring awareness to the problem. We have to put phones down, especially behind-the-wheel.”

Karah, SADD SPEAKs member from West Virginia

“I was really moved by Merritt’s story. We held a TextLess Live More Sign-the-Pledge event outside our school cafeteria to never text and drive,” said George, a rising senior from Lincoln County High School in West Virginia and member of SADD SPEAKs. “The ‘Live More’ message resonated with everyone because the world is a beautiful place you can experience outside your screen.”

George, a SADD SPEAKs member from Lincoln County High School in West Virginia

He adds, “Our school is not huge but everybody got the message. I believe TextLess Live More is important for all young people across America and the world!”